2015 Ghoulishly SpectACTular ACTion Walk Results

This post was was going to begin by saying, “unless you live under a rock,” but even if you live under a rock, you know it’s been raining here for days.  You’d know this because it’s probably wet under the rock and your rock home has relocated downstream.

The rain tapered off through the day but the morning setup was still quite wet.  We were fortunate to have a room inside the Holford Recreation Center for food, fun and waiting to begin.  Otherwise we would probably have cancelled.

If you weren’t there, you missed the music provided by our DJ Randy and live entertainment from Robert Berger.

Before announcing the winners, some clarification is required.  The winner for each category, runner or walker, was determined by the entry fee.  It’s uncommon for a walker to actually come in ahead of the runners but today this did indeed happen.  The 1st Place Walker, was the first to pass the finish line so Kudos to Sam Pickering though his trophy said 1st Place Fun Walkers!

Congratulations to the winners!

5K Runners

1st- Joe Kolbylka
2nd- Kelly Pickering
3rd- Tammy Mendez

Fun Walkers

1st- Sam Pickering
2nd- Sara Pickering

Most Money Raised

– TeamJeff @ $10,200 and counting

I would like to give a special thanks to David and Sharon Parrish.  A couple of months ago, the race was in jeopardy.  Anyone in the non-profit fundraising arena knows that volunteers are hard to come by and finding dedicated volunteers next to impossible. They stepped up and volunteered to take the reins!  Their son Jared was also indispensable today along with our grill master, Mark Edwards.

Several staff members walked and helped with setup and cleanup.  Thanks, Margie, Rose, Noel and Andrew!
There were other helpers (including some runners) and if you’re not listed, we extend our thanks to you as well.

Our sponsors:

  • Sommerman & Quesada
  • BB&T Bank
  • The City of Garland Parks and Recreation
  • Road ID
  • RKC Promotional Products
  • David & Sharon Parrish

Thanks to our teams:

  • TeamJeff
  • Team Linda
  • Team Sommerman & Quesada
  • Roger’s Raising Howl Rock Stars
  • Matthew’s Raiders
  • RKC Express

Thanks to you all!  Your support ensures that Achievement Center of Texas can continue to operate and provide affordable services to our students.

The photos below were taken by mere mortals but we will have more professional photos later from our wonderful photographer, Ed who almost had to swim to the finish line.  Look for more in the coming days on our Facebook Page.