Digital Prowess for Adults with Special Needs: An Interview with the Co-founder of nonPareil Institute

nonpareil institute

nonPareil Institute is a nonprofit organization that helps adults with Autism learn hirable skills, such as coding and other digital techniques. Gary Moore is the President and Co-founder of this organization, along with Dan Selec (the CEO and Founder), and Moore agreed to donate some of his time to us for an interview.

Special Needs Careers: Places That Are Known for Hiring People with Special Needs

special needs careers

The three key components for being successful while searching for jobs and applying for positions you can really learn, grow and excel at is honesty, confidence and positivity. Unfortunately, not all of this is enough to get the actual job, you have to find places that are in need of new employees first and foremost!

Emerging Technology for People with Special Needs: Physical Disabilities

physical disabilities tools

With so many new ways of doing things, creating things and getting ideas out into the world it’s no wonder that we have been able to move along this far in regards to technology for the physically disabled. There are conversations popping up that weren’t thought about previously and there are actions being done to help make the world much more accessible and a little less troublesome for people who do have these disabilities. This is something we’re pretty passionate about staying educated on and up-to-date with so why not share that joy?

7 Myths about People with Special Needs

myths about people with special needs

One of the biggest things I can recall growing up hearing about are stories told about people with disabilities and special needs. Someone always had something to say (or repeated from an older sibling/family member) and it was almost always negative or derogatory. When you get older you start to understand just how wrong that was and how the world is a lot less simple than “this is black” and “this is white.” So here are some common myths that tend to come up in conversations surround people with special needs: