achievement center of texas services

Due to the current COVId-19 pandemic, some of our services may not be available at this time. Please call the center for more information”.

Achievement Center of Texas is a non-profit 501(C)(3). We provide Day Habilitation, Arts Exploration, academic assistance, sensory motor training and community inclusion for people with special needs.

Founded on October 12, 1977 in Garland, Texas, ACT has served people with disabilities for 40 years as of 2017.

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Achievement Center of Texas Services

Sensory Motor Training Lab

This lab offers opportunities for socially acceptable stimming and a place to relax and regroup. After behavioral outbursts, students can seek refuge in this safe space and regain their composure. In the lab, students watch slide shows, do activities that involve four of the five senses and create concert-like musical experiences just by moving a finger.

Life Skills Lab

In this classroom, students gain a sense of independence. Most of our clients are adults, and we want to give them the tools to more intuitively navigate the world around them. During class, students learn how to manage money, how to maintain their homes and how to keep up with daily hygiene regimens.

Milo, Robot for Autism

Meet Milo, our two-feet-tall robot who helps people with Autism learn more effectively. He resembles a seven- to nine-year-old boy, and his facial expressions change to match his moods. Milo’s best attribute is his “patience”: No matter how many times he has to repeat himself, he never gets frustrated and his tone of voice never waivers.

Day Care

We designed our Day Care curriculum to meet your child or ward's individual needs. Our students enjoy the comfort of a consistent routine, as well as scheduled increments of indoor and outdoor playtime and their own version of Arts Exploration. We include meals, snack times and nap time in our Day Care program.

Day Habilitation

We help students meet and exceed their personal goals during Day Habilitation. At ACT, we know that each student’s special needs are different. First, we discuss desired goals with parents and guardians and with the students. Then, we meet the students at their ability level to achieve those goals.

Arts Exploration

The Arts Exploration program developed in 2006 gives students opportunities to discover hidden talents. Before 8:30 a.m. and after 3:00 p.m., students develop those talents. They exhibit, perform or just explore their own creativity in Art Exploration. We believe creating art enhances our students' quality of life and unlocks their hidden potential.

Building Self-Confidence

We remind our students every day of what they are capable, not what they are not. Some confidence-building techniques take place through art, karaoke and life skills instruction. Each time our students achieve more, they believe that there's more they can achieve.

Community Inclusion

The world outside of ACT fosters people who are able-minded and able-bodied but not those with special needs. That’s why we schedule field trips to places that are fun or that will create the opportunity to develop a new life skill. Field trips take place mostly in the Summer but other trips will take place through the year.

Educational Assistance

At ACT, we know that our students can only reach their full potential if we give them the opportunity to try new things. We task students with learning to write their own name, recognize the names of common items or animals and to complete simple math problems. Our education program helps students achieve their individual goals.


One of the greatest goals for our students at ACT is to help them become better communicators. We help students more effectively communicate their wants and needs to the staff and to their peers through gesture, verbal cues, spoken language and writing.

Behavior Management

Due to some communication barriers, we know that sometimes our students can become frustrated and act out as a result. Through behavior management training, we discourage tactile stimming, socially unacceptable behaviors and aggressive outbursts. At this time, we are unfortunately unable to service students at LON (Level of Need) 9.

Volunteer/Pre-employability Skills Training Program

Our more independent students may feel inclined to take on a guiding or assisting role at our center. We would love to help them be more involved. Students in our volunteer-based Volunteer/Pre-employability Skills Training Program are tasked with helping pass out snacks, picking up after other students who cannot pick up after themselves, etc. We also go out into the community to volunteer at places like pet adoption centers, food banks and more.

The above describes our program at the Achievement Center of Texas. Our goal is to teach individuals the skills they need to be able to participate in the life of the community. We want our students to enjoy the same opportunities available to their non-disabled peers and family members.

Dance Classes

Expression through dance or participating in group movement are activities that can help students to discover and develop themselves. Skills such as body awareness, social interaction and confidence are all promoted through the art of dance. Dance is not just a physical activity, but a way for students to creatively express themselves. Children and adults with special needs often experience difficulty expressing themselves; dance can be an outlet to express emotions in a safe environment.