Achievement Center of Texas has a number of events that it hosts throughout the year, some of them at the center itself, larger ones at off-site locations. Some of these events help us raise funds for our center, making it possible for us to provide outstanding service and educational opportunities for our students. All of these events are for the purpose of uplifting and celebrating our students with special needs.













Achievement Center of Texas has partnered with Bubb Fundraising for The Ultimate Recycling Program.

On February 2nd, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., stop by the center and drop off items you would like to recycle. It's just that simple! When you drop off your unwanted items and electronics, you're helping to raise funds for the center!

Items may be in any condition – damaged, non-working, or fully operational. Take a look at the list to see what items you can recycle.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or learn more about the event on our Facebook page.

special needs art festival

The Special Arts Festival is a day of hands-on fun and activity! Our students work all year long to perform here.

At the Special Arts Festival, we have live entertainment spotlighting our students along with students from other programs. Attendees participate in activities and take home their finished product.

You never know who will be there but our special guest, partner and founder John Bramblitt is always offering guidance and hands-on painting advice.

Morgan's Wonderland Trip: #ACT2MORGANS

Morgan’s Wonderland is an “ultra-accessible” theme park located in San Antonio, Texas. As mentioned on their website, the park is a completely wheelchair-accessible park and features more than 25 attractions including rides, playgrounds and more. Morgan’s Wonderland is the perfect destination for ACT students and their families. So, next summer ACT is planning to take a trip to Morgan’s Wonderland.

The center and the Booster Club will be making every effort to make this trip possible for our students through fundraising. Please note, that our fundraising goal is to pay for one student and one chaperone. Each additional person will be $100. There is a $50 deposit that must be made by December 21, 2018. This deposit will be given back as spending money during the trip.

If you are interested in going, please fill out the interest form by August 31. You can also directly donate to the #ACT2Morgans Fund.