Donate to Achievement Center of Texas

The Achievement Center of Texas is a licensed non-profit day care and day habilitation (life skills training) center for children and adults with disabilities. The good work we do here at ACT would not be possible without the help of good-hearted people like you.

With funds from donations and sponsorships, as well as donated items, we have been able to make ACT the embracing, safe, fun environment that it is today. Donate to Achievement Center of Texas today.

Donate Cash

Cash donations help us in all areas. If we don’t have enough funds to put on our Annual Gala, which generates significant donations for our students, cash donations could go to this cause.

We have also used cash donations to purchase appliances for the Life Skills Lab, supplies for Day Habilitation, art supplies for Arts Exploration, clothes for students to wear when they go off to job interviews and more.

Our mission here at Achievement Center of Texas is to help our students be all that they can be – be the happiest the can be, the most educated they can be, the most successful they can be. Your cash donations help make this happen.

In advance, we thank you. Thank you for everything.

Linda Rasmussen Outreach Fund

The Linda Rasmussen Outreach Fund was started by Linda's sisters in 2013. The fund honors Linda and allows Achievement Center of Texas to continue her legacy by providing assistance to the ACT families on a temporary or emergency basis. If you would like to contribute to the fund, click the button below and complete the form.

eBay for Charity

eBay for Charity is a wonderful program that helps us raise funds for our organization by selling items on eBay. Through this program, you can purchase things like:

  • Purses
  • Vases
  • Candle holders
  • Antiques
  • Skirts
  • Bowls
  • Planters
  • Prints
  • Decorative waste baskets
  • Other ceramic items
  • Bread baskets
  • Pitchers
  • Portraits
  • Scales
  • Belt buckles
  • Dish sets
  • And more!

Some of the items you donate may be posted on eBay for Charity if we feel that these items may not be of use, directly, to our students, but could be enjoyable to people outside the center.

Amazon Smile Program

Support us by shopping Amazon using the button below. We will receive a small percentage of qualified transactions if purchases are made using your regular Amazon account. You must return using this link to have new purchases credited.

Donate Supplies

Help our organization by making donations of supplies needed by our students on a daily basis. The list below itemizes art supplies, Life Skills supplies, musical instruments and other items that are needed to help our students reach their highest potential.

To donate supplies to ACT, just come up to the center during business hours and tell the receptionist that you want to donate some items. Someone will be available to assist you.

Donate Art Supplies


  • Colored construction paper (large size)
  • Poster board (all colors)
  • Washable paint (all colors)
  • Non-toxic plaster
  • Clay (all colors)
  • Large or fat-handled paint brushes
  • Bright White Card Stock
  • Velcro (wide and thin strips)
  • Glitter (all colors)
  • Glue (white and glue sticks)
  • Colored tongue depressors
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Aluminum foil
  • T-shirts, white, all sizes

Donate Life Skills Supplies


  • Brownie mixes
  • Cake mixes
  • Cookie mixes or ready-to-bake for the little kids
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Crockpot meals
  • Liquid laundry soap
  • Fabric Softener
  • Cans of tuna
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Cleaning products

Donate Music Supplies


  • Drums and drum sticks
  • Tambourines
  • Cymbals
  • Guitars and other stringed instruments
  • Other musical instruments
  • Children’s CDs such as Raffi, Greg and Steve

Donate Other Items


  • Two (2) Flags and flagpoles for outside (US and Texas flags)
  • Large storage unit for outside
  • Cherry picker for reaching burned-out lights and hanging decorations on our 50-ft ceilings.

Donate by Shopping

Thanks to our many partnerships, there are a number of ways you can help make a difference in the lives of adults and children with special needs today, by barely lifting a finger. Please review your options below.

2015 Combined Federal Campaign

We are part of the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign. If you, or someone you know, works for the Federal Government, please encourage them to choose Achievement Center of Texas when designating their employee payroll contributions.

Our Combined Federal Campaign number is 85765.

Tom Thumb Gift Cards

If you shop at Tom Thumb, please have your Tom Thumb card registered to the Achievement Center of Texas.

Our number is 4833.

Target Cards

If you shop at Target, please stop in at the service desk and ask that your Target card be registered to the Achievement Center of Texas.

Albertson’s Cards

If you shop at Albertson’s, stop in and register your Albertson’s card to the Achievement Center of Texas.

Kroger Cards

If you shop at Kroger, please have your Kroger Plus card registered to the Achievement Center.

Kroger, Albertsons, Tom Thumb and Target give us 1% of the purchases made on those cards.

Other Ways You Can Help

Donate Your Old Vehicle

Do you have an old car, van or truck to donate? Call Charity Motors at 972-CHARTIY (972-242-7489) or donate your vehicle online and specify that you want your donation to go to the Achievement Center of Texas. You can still claim Fair Market Blue Book Value for your donation on your taxes. The donation is 100% tax deductible and pick up is free.

And great news! Achievement Center of Texas receives the amount the car, van or truck is sold for minus a small percentage that pays for this service.


Achievement Center of Texas is always in need of volunteers. Groups or individuals are urged to call the Center. Direct care volunteer positions require an initial orientation.