Cash donations help!

Donate to Achievement Center of Texas

Suggestions and ways donations support our programs. 

  1. Donations for Community Inclusion will pay for students to attend more paid events.
  2. Donations for Transportation will pay for the rental of a large buss to transport large number of students to events.
  3. Donations for the Special Arts Festival will pay for advertising, art supplies, art prizes, honorarium for professional performers.
  4. Donations for Food will help with the purchase of healthy snacks and drinks throughout the year.
  5. Donations for Christmas will help to buy small Christmas Gifts for Santa to give away at our Annual Student Christmas Party.
  6. Donations for the Computer Project will provide much needed computer software.
  7. Donations for Educational Projects can buy developmental learning materials.
  8. Donations for the Music Program  will help to purchase music equipment.
  9. Donations for the Exploring Arts Program will help to purchase art supplies.
  10. Donations for our Sensory Motor Training program will purchase sensory motor training equipment and materials.
  11. Donations for Building Needs will help toward our “Fix It” project in order to keep our building in good condition. i.e. plumbing, wall repair, paint, paying for cherry picker rental to replace light bulbs.
  12. Donations toward Maintenance will help us do things like strip and was floors annually, replace torn or stained carpeting, replace broken furniture.
  13. Donations toward Programs helps keep programs on-going and fresh to allow us to bring in special performers or trainers.
  14. Donations for Staff Training will help pay for good training needed annually by staff and administrators.