Special Needs Guardianship: An Interview with Rick O’Connor, Guardianship Attorney

special needs guardianship

Rick O’Connor is a guardianship attorney who specializes in helping parents of children with special needs obtain guardianship over their children once they legally become adults. For anyone who has questions about what will happen or about what they should do when their child with special needs turns 18, read on.

After-school Programs for Teens with Special Needs: An Interview with the Founder and President of The Clubhouse

the clubhouse

The Clubhouse is a nonprofit organization currently specializing in after-school care for school-ages people with special needs and, newly, a day program for those out of the school system. The founder and President, Darlene Hollingsworth, made time to sit down and talk to us about what makes The Clubhouse different from day habilitation programs and special needs daycares, and what the future holds for The Clubhouse.