Our Leaders

Mr. David Parrish, President
Dr. Darlene Taylor-Thompson, Immediate Past President
Mrs. Roberta Clark, Vice President
Mr. Harold Rasmussen, Treasurer
Mr. Taylor Horton, Secretary
Executive Director:  Ms. Marilynne R. Serie

Marilynne has been the Executive Director for the Achievement Center of Texas for over 25 years.  She holds a degree in Child Development and has over 30 years experience in the development and management of programs for children and adults with special needs.  She holds the Margaret Cone Award for outstanding work in the field of early childhood education given by the Dallas Association for the Education of Young Children (DAEYC).

Board Members:
Mr. Bud Carmichael
Dr. Joseph Kobylka
Ms. Nicole Pellegrino
Mr. Mark Edwards
Ms. Randie Machanick

Ex-Officio Members
Mr. Andrew Mlcak, Executive Director

Advisory Board:
Ernest Burford, Attorney
Dr. Susan Wyatt, Director of Child Development, Eastfield College,
A.G. Black, Mental Retardation Advocate
Charlotte Keaney, Center for Non-Profit Management
Amy Jahnel, HR Specialist and past Board Member of ACT

A few things our Board of Directors would like our donors to know:

  1. All officers and Board of Directors members except ex officio members which include the Executive Director and Assistant Director, are not compensated in any manner.
  2. We do not use paid contribution solicitors to raise donations.
  3. We do not use Robodialing for any reason.
  4. We do have fundraising expenses but all of these expenses are paid to third party vendors for services provided such as meals or accommodations (hotel space, use of a physical facility.)
  5. Nepotism of any sort is not allowed. No relatives of Board of Director members or officers are employed by ACT.
  6. 100% of all net donations (total donations less third party expenses) go into ACT bank accounts and are only used for the benefit of our clients.
  7. ACT may reimburse Board of Directors members for any out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of ACT as requested. We have a written conflict of interest policy which is updated annually.
  8. We strictly adhere to our separation of duties policy in order to insure the security of money handling procedures.
  9. The ACT operating account require two signatures. Bank accounts are reconciled monthly by an individual that does not have signing authority over any bank account(s).
  10. Financial statements are presented to the Board of Directors at every meeting (there are 10 board meetings each fiscal year).
  11. The annual 990 tax return is presented to the Board of Directors prior to filing.
  12. ACT is audited by an Independent Certified Public Accounting firm each year with the results submitted to the Board of Directors. ACT has received an Unqualified (Clean) opinion in every year. Any recommendations by the CPA firm are submitted to the Board of Directors.