What is ACT doing to keep my child safe?
We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously. We have implemented many new safety procedures throughout the building. Every person who enters our building will be temperature checked and any temperature above 99.8 will be refused. Any student refused for a temperature will be required to refrain from attending day hab for a minimum of 14 days. We have also spaced our tables and chairs allowing student to be 6 feet from others. ACT has hired bathroom attendants to ensure adequate hand washing after use as well as throughout the day. Sanitation of frequently used surfaces will be every 4 hours and as needed.

What if my child refuses to wear a mask?
Students and staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. If your student refuses to wear a mask, we will work on that transition for a maximum time of one month. If your child still doesn’t not comply, we will be unable to continue serving them.

When will ACT reopen?
We had hoped to reopen on June 1st, however Health and Human Services has declared day habs should remain closed through the month of June. Our next projected reopening date will be Monday, July 6, 2020.

Due to safety measures, you cut student attendance by 50%. How did you choose which students stayed?
Once appropriate spots for each room size were determined, students were selected to continue attending day hab through a lottery system. Our maximum capacity went from 145 clients to 79.

Will my child’s therapist/service coordinator be able to visit at the center?
For the foreseeable future, ACT will be closed to ALL outside visitors. Therapists and service coordinators will be allowed to make appointments with our office to schedule a ZOOM meeting.

If my child was cut from the initial reopen list, will he/she have a spot once social distancing restrictions lift?
If your child didn’t make the first cut for attending day hab, they will be placed on a waiting list in the order they were drawn. As space opens up, we will pull from that waiting list. If/when restrictions are lifted, your child will have priority placement.

Whose recommendations are you following for reopening guidelines?
ACT is following the Health and Human Services guidelines for day habs. You can find more information at hhs.texas.gov

Can my student still bring belongings into the center?
No backpacks or lunchboxes will be allowed in the center. We are asking that lunches be sent in a completely disposable bag with no reusable items (i.e. tupperware) We are asking parents to send a change of clothes in a gallon ziplock bag with their name clearly written on it. We are unable to provide extra clothing moving forward. If your child has a need for extra clothes and have none available, you will be required to pick up your child or bring extra clothing within 30 minutes. If your child does not have accidents, you are not required to bring clothing.

What if my child has special dietary needs?
If your child has special dietary circumstances such as pureed food, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.

Will I be allowed inside the building for drop off or pickup?
Parents will not be allowed inside the building. Staff will be available outside to receive your child, take temperatures and escort your child to class. Pickup will be similar. Please pull up and a staff member will bring your child out to you. We will do our best to make this as efficient as possible. Please do not call ahead and request your child. Pull up under the portico and we will help you in the order of arrival.

Will ACT’s operating hours change at all?
At this time, ACT will be operating at regular service hours. However, this is subject to change.

What if someone test positive for COVID-19 at the center?
If there is a confirmed positive case of COVID-19 at the center, we will unfortunately have to close down the center again for 1 week to completely disinfect the building.

Can my child just show up once the center is reopen?
If you were notified that your child has space, that spot will be available at whatever point we do open. Please ensure your application is up to date before returning. If you did not receive a spot, your child can not attend the center at this time.