Donate to Help People with Special Needs

The Achievement Center of Texas is a licensed non-profit day care and day habilitation (NONPROFIT ID 75-1339397) center for children and adults with disabilities. The work we do here at ACT would not be possible without the help of good-hearted people like you.

With funds from donations and sponsorships, as well as donated items, we have been able to make ACT the embracing, safe, fun environment that it is today. Donate to Achievement Center of Texas today.

Cash donations help us in all areas. If we don’t have enough funds to put on our Annual Gala, which generates significant donations for our students, cash donations could go to this cause.

We have also used cash donations to purchase appliances for the Life Skills Lab, supplies for life skills training, art supplies for Arts Exploration, and more.

Our mission here at Achievement Center of Texas is to help our students be all that they can be – be the happiest they can be, the most educated they can be, the most successful they can be. Your cash donations help make this happen.

In advance, we thank you. Thank you for everything.

Help People with Special Needs

46 Years

This year, we’re celebrating forty six years of service to the DFW Special Needs community. We absolutely could not have done it without your help. Each time a student discovers a new talent – painting, singing, dancing, writing – you, as a donor to Achievement Center of Texas, should feel personally responsible.

Continue helping our students grow by signing up for monthly donations today.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can donate directly to specific causes within our organization by volunteering your time. Call (972) 414-7700 for more information.