At Achievement Center of Texas, we have individualized projects designed to meet each student’s specific interests and unique needs. Some of our students are more high functioning or independent than others. For these students, we have a number of activities to hold their interests and help them obtain special needs jobs. For example, we recently implemented the Junior Staff Program.

What is the Junior Staff Program?

The Junior Staff Program is a volunteer position at our center that celebrates our students’ desire to help their peers. In fact, one of our students suggested that we put the Junior Staff Program into practice.

What Does Junior Staff Do?

The Junior Staff help their peers and the ACT staff in a number of ways, including:

  • Running messages back to the main office
  • Setting places at the table for lunch
  • Setting out lunches
  • Pouring drinks
  • Heating lunches in the microwave
  • Picking up after differently abled students

Are Junior Staff Members Paid?

Unfortunately, we cannot pay the Junior Staff for their assistance to the center at this time. However, they can enjoy a number of rewards, including but not limited to:

  • Gift cards
  • Going on a special field trip
  • Seeing a movie
  • Enjoying a soda
  • Enjoying a snack like candy or popcorn

Who Is Junior Staff?

We issue badges or T-shirts to the Junior Staff to recognize the participating students. The students who enjoy helping the other students or staff may participate in the Junior Staff Program.