Team Linda

Welcome to Team Linda’s Donation Page!

Sign Up to Walk or Run with us!We’re glad you’re here! It’s going to be a fun day and we’re proud to support Achievement Center of Texas where children and adults with disabilities receive day care and rehab services with a huge dose of love. This team is headed by Harold Rasmussen in memory of Linda Rasmussen, our honored gala chair for several years.

Achievement Center of Texas provides arts exploration, day care and a host of other activities which allow students to reach their full potential. Students participate in music, arts and crafts, dance and so much more. Please donate to our team

Your donation helps to keep the doors open, fund field trips, special activities and other projects which are not normally available to people with disabilities. We have off site field trips but sometimes we bring the activities to the center. This allows students who are unable to go on off site outings to participate. Donate knowing your kindness and generosity will put a smile on many faces.

Remember our motto, “Special Needs….Our Specialty!”