In May, 2022 devastated by the after effects of the COVID pandemic, we sold the Shiloh facility and began a search for a new home.


Executive Director Marilynne Serie passed the baton over to Andrew Mlcak, who now serves as Executive Director. ACT celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 12th.


The center altered its name another time, dropping the “The” in its title and becoming simply Achievement Center of Texas (ACT).


The Therapy Room was transformed into another classroom to accommodate our growing population, and the Sensory Motor Training Lab was designed and built in its place.


Achievement Center of Texas moved into its new location (our home until mid 2022) at 2950 North Shiloh Road in Garland on February 3rd.


The Mayor of the City of Garland, Bob Smith, offered the Achievement Center space at Granger Recreation Center where the center held classes for nine years. Due to the very different disabilities of the students and the fact that not all the students were children, the Executive Director, Marilynne Serie, changed the name of the…