Please note: Donations will continue but the choice to walk and receive a swag bag will be cutoff at 5:00 p.m. October 23, 2020!


We have raised $29,726 - 99%!

We're at 95%!

Due to COVID-19, yet another one of our events has been modified. Our ACTion walk will be held virtually this year and the Achievement Center of Texas is in need of your support.

Lace up your running shoes and walk your 3.1 miles anytime during the week of October 19-24th. We will Zoom meet on Saturday the 24th at 10:00 a.m. and walk together to support the center and our amazing students!

*Swag bags will be available for pickup at the center (2950 N. Shiloh Rd., Garland, TX 75044) on Friday 10/23 from 5-8 p.m. This is a drive through event. Please stay in your cars.

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We have received 203 donations/registrations totaling $18,630

Carter Cheek, Hello from Texas - $300.00 - - Donating to TeamJeff!
Lawson Lewis, Hello from Massachusetts - $50.00 - - Donating to TeamJeff!

Support Team ACT

Team ACT

We have received 9 donation or registrations totaling $2,980

Supporter(s): Team Kelly McComas - $25.00 - Hello from Texas - Shelia McComas is a shero ! - Donating to Team ACT!
Supporter(s): - $1,000.00 - Hello from Texas - Yay! - Donating to Team ACT!

Support Matthew's Raiders!

Matthew's Raiders


We have received 21 donation(s) or registrations totaling $2,155

, Texas - $50.00 - - Donating to Matthew's Raiders!
Seida Family, Texas - $25.00 - - Donating to Matthew's Raiders!

Support Team Bryant!

Team Bryant

We have received 26 donation(s) or registrations totaling $1,625

Lee Family, Hello from Texas - $50.00 - Good job! - Donating to Team Bryant!
Matt W., Hello from Arizona - $50.00 - A great cause! - Donating to Team Bryant!

Support Team Kelly!

Team Kelly


We have received 31 donations/registrations totaling $1,160

Laura, Texas - $40.00 - - Donating to Team Kelly!
, Texas - $200.00 - Go Team Kelly! - Donating to Team Kelly!

Support RKC Express!

RKC Express


We have received 6 donations/registrations totaling $825

Janet Hope, Texas - $50.00 - - Donating to RKC Express!
Anonymous, Wisconsin - $500.00 - In honor of Caryl Mikkelsen! - Donating to RKC Express!

Support Team Roger!

Support Team Roger Today!


We have received 20 donation(s) or registrations totaling $745

Judy Jahnel, Hello from Texas - $25.00 - - Donating to Team Roger!
Grimes, Hello from Texas - $25.00 - - Donating to Team Roger!

Team President's Scholars

Team President's Scholars


We have received 12 donations/registrations totaling $535

Jordan Cortez Wartell, Texas - $10.00 - So many of the people in this world would be left behind if not for organizations like ACT. We go on with our lives every day, often forgetting that thousands of people in our very state do not have the same privileges that we have always enjoyed. Thank you for making Texas a better place. ? - Donating to Team President's Scholars!
Giana Ortiz, Texas - $75.00 - PS Love! - Donating to Team President's Scholars!

Support Jame'sl Squad

Jamel's Squad


We have received 4 donation(s) or registrations totaling $275

Magid and Henrietta Dagher, Arkansas - $100.00 - Glad to support your team and the virtual walk. Keep the momentum going. - Donating to Jamel's Squad!
Joe & Janet Kobylka, Texas - $100.00 - Paying it back to pay it forward! Thanks for taking up the TeamJeff Challenge! - Donating to Jamel's Squad!

Support Merideth’s Butterflies Today!


We have received 3 donation(s) or registrations totaling $225

Kwame & Eric, Hello from Texas - $25.00 - Walking in her spirit for a great cause! - Walking with Merideth's Butterflies!
Anonymous, Hello from Texas - $100.00 - In loving memory of Meredith Crespo, mother of former employee Teresa Crespo - Walking with Merideth's Butterflies!

Support Happy Walking People!

Happy Walking People

We have received 2 donation(s) or registrations totaling $181

, Texas - $156.00 - Good Job guys! - Donating to Happy Walking People!
Anonymous, Texas - $25.00 - Go Team! - Donating to Happy Walking People!

Support Team DC

Team DC


We have received 2 donation(s) or registrations totaling $175

Cathyrn, Madison & Mark Jr, Texas - $75.00 - We love our brothers -
best Homies with Extra Chromies ever!!! - Walking with Team DC!
Anonymous, Texas - $100.00 - We love our Donny & Chris !! - Walking with Team DC!

Support Team Sherie Cares!

Team Sherie Cares


We have received 5 donations/registrations totaling $135

Penny Nelson, California - $25.00 - Go Team Sherie - Cheering you on from California! - Donating to Team Sherie!
Anonymous, Arkansas - $10.00 - Go Team Sherie! - Donating to Team Sherie!