Second Quarter Newsletter

The first quarter is now history and we are well into the first month of the second quarter.  The newsletter page has links to recent newsletters. Read our newsletter for more about what’s been going on at the center.

An excerpt from the President’s Corner:

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.   ~Sherry Anderson

The Achievement Center of Texas, like all nonprofit organizations, thrives on its volunteers. ACT volunteers account for most of our fundraising, they assist our staff on a daily basis, and they serve on our Board of Directors. Without volunteers the cost of the services that ACT provides to its students would be unaffordable. “Our volunteers are truly priceless.”    Be Priceless! We can always use more volunteers. Find the time in your schedule to help with the Special Arts Festival or the ACT Spring Gala. Talk up ACT with your friends, your co‐workers, and your family. Invite them to volunteer for ACT. Help us make ACT even better.   Thanks for your time, enjoy this newsletter, and join me in counting our blessings. I hope to see you at ACT Spring Gala on April 30.   David Parrish, President   Board of Directors, Achievement Center of Texas